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Discipleship means learning how to live like Jesus by doing life together & studying the Bible in community.

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Campus Initiatives

Campus Initiatives brings Ignite to campus by hosting fun activities, doing promo/giveaways, playing Spikeball, eating lunch at the SAC, interacting with students, helping with parties & showing the love of Jesus -- all campus.

Welcome Team

Welcome Team has 3 main responsibilities: 1) help new people feel connected, 2) follow up with them about their next step with Jesus (coffee/lunch, etc.) & 3) keep track of who's being discipled. We want to be the most hospitable place in the galaxy!


The main focus of the Freshman Team is meeting & building relationships with freshmen. The motto is: everything you do, do with freshman. Responsibilities include: hosting freshman dinner, leading freshman groups & doing intentional discipleship.


Pancakes happens every Thursday night 9-11pm. Team members are responsible for setup, tear down, greeting, connecting with people, making the best pancakes in the galaxy, brainstoming ideas for thems & making people feel at home.


Prayer Team keeps our hearts tied to Heaven by doing prayer walks, setting the atmosphere for morning prayer, praying over people at worship, praying for our community & campus, helping with 30 Day Journey & facilitating special prayer nights.

Donor Relations

Team members seek to honor and cultivate relationships with Ignite's supporters by helping to host dinners, connecting with supporters at events, writing personal letters and sharing about how Jesus is working in your life & our community.

Social Media & Photography

Social Media & Photography team helps us connect with people through Instagram, Snapchat, tik-tok & Facebook. They take pictures and videos from each event and gathering we have to tell the story of how God is working in our community.

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