everybody always – Bob goff


JUNE 23rd – JULY 21st 
Group leader: Heather Parrino

This group will learn what it looks like to love those around them in the present moment. Author Bob Goff shares how he found friends, how failure taught him lessons, and how the unexpected and impossible became the right path to loving others. He proposes a ‘no-limits embrace’ that accepts everybody. And he encourages his readers to do the same. Everybody, Always is Goff’s second New York Times bestseller.

Mere Christianity – cs lewis 

[6 WEEKS] 

JUNE 18th – JULY 23rd 
Group leader: Zach Motes

This group will read one of the most well-respected Christian thinkers of our time, CS Lewis. Mere Christianity is a book that explains Christianity to those who might be skeptical, offering a philosophical approach to understanding basic Christian doctrines. Lewis begins by arguing against atheism by pointing out what he calls the Law of Human Nature, or a universal, absolute truth.



JUNE 2nd – JULY 21st 
Group leader: Caleb Garza

This group will dive into a biography on Jim Elliot, an inspirational missionary who understood the cost and joy of following Jesus with his whole life. It is the story of one young man’s journey from birth, to following Jesus Christ at a young age that leads him on a journey of faith that eventually carries him to the mission field where he sacrifices his life for his faith.